Trinity Ob/Gyn Valentine’s Day Event

Trinity Ob/Gyn Valentine’s Day Event

Make your Valentine’s Day…
Extra special
Extra spicy
Extra you!

Sign up for the Forma and Oh My! Shot Consultation Event
February 8th – 12th

Join us for a free one-on-one consultation – in-person or virtual. Call us at 704-262-3338 to schedule.

Special one-time pricing for all who participate this day!
An incredible chance for one person who signs up for treatment to win a complimentary Oh My! Shot


Improve Intimacy and Feel Amazing.

Votiva, approved by the FDA, is the life-changing answer to a variety of internal and external feminine concerns that occur due to aging, hormonal changes, and birth.

  • – Tighten & Tone
  • – Quick Relief & Results
  • – Safe & Effective
  • – Non-Surgical & Pain-Free
  • – Less than 30 minutes

The time has come for women to have safe, gentle, effective care for their most feminine health concerns caused by aging and childbirth. Trinity Ob/Gyn offers just that with our Votiva by Inmode device.  Using radio-frequency technology called “Forma/ Fractora” you can receive immediate, positive results with deep heating and resurfacing tools.

Oh My! Shot

PRP treatment to improve sexual function.

The Oh My! Shot was created to address sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence issues.  Platelet rich plasma is injected and releases growth factors that activate stem cell production to rejuvenate tissues and nerve cells.  Combine with Forma treatment for the most effective vaginal rejuvenation and a discount!

  • – Increase the ability to orgasm
  • – Increase sensation
  • – Increase arousal
  • – Make orgasms longer and more satisfying
  • – Increase natural lubrication
  • – Improve urinary incontinence
  • – Decrease pain for those experiencing painful sex

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