“After entering premature menopause at the age of 39, I found myself in a miserable place. I had no energy whatsoever, experienced hot flashes, gained over 15 lbs, and I had trouble focusing. After 2 years of unsuccessful traditional treatments to try and relieve the symptoms, Dr. Beaver recommended bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. Within a week of my first therapy, my headaches were gone. At two weeks, I had more energy and my memory had improved. I cannot say enough about what this has done for me and my family. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you for everything.” – C.H.

Hormones are powerful proteins in our bodies that control the way we feel.

When there are deficiencies in hormone levels such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or thyroid, we may experience a variety of negative symptoms.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance may include:

hot flashes
vaginal dryness

joint pain
decreased libido
fatigue/ decreased energy

weight gain

foggy memory
night sweats
anxiety/ depression

By optimizing hormone levels, patients can sleep well, feel energized in the morning, and have positive results from efforts to lose weight.  Ladies can experience life with clarity, patience, and be excited about having sex again.  At FWH, we firmly believe in the benefits of improving a woman’s quality of life using Bioidentical Hormones.  These hormones replicate those produced naturally in the body and can result in relief of symptoms and provide women with protection from age-related chronic disease.

Bioidentical Hormones differ from traditional, synthetic hormones like Premarin and Provera.  Synthetic hormones can relieve vasomotor symptoms, but are recommended for use in the lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time as they can associate with breast cancer and thromboembolic risk. The FWH team looks forward to educating you about the important distinction between synthetic hormones and Bioidentical Hormones.

We are able to offer you natural hormones in a variety of methods including tablets, creams, and pellet therapy.  We work closely with several compounding pharmacies to ensure every hormone regimen is specifically tailored to each patient.