Her children arise and call her blessed… Proverbs 31:28


At Trinity Ob/Gyn we celebrate mothers every day.  They seem to go about their lives tirelessly, always putting others first.  We appreciate their hard work and the trust they put in us to care for them and their families.

The first chapter of Luke’s Gospel gives us two examples of great mothers, known for their faith.  The first is Elizabeth, the wife of a Jewish priest who was thought to be unable to have children and was advanced in age.  In that society, this probably brought her personal hardship and public shame.  Yet, she remained faithful to God and she bore a son for her husband Zechariah.  They named him John, as the angel had instructed, and he prepared the way for Jesus.

The second is a young, virgin girl named Mary.  The angel Gabriel informed her that she had found favor with God and that the Holy Spirit would be with her.  She would give birth to a son and name him Jesus.  Mary was perhaps puzzled and a bit frightened, but she never doubted the Angel’s message.  The virgin birth is vital to the Christian faith.  Jesus was born without sin, he remained Holy and was able to face sin’s consequences in our place.  Many will ask “how can this be?”.  The answer lies in The Bible. (Read Luke 1:37)

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.  Thanks to our mothers and thanks to the hope provided by Jesus Christ.

Dr. B

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