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More Details

The Oh my! Shot was created to address sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence issues. Using your own blood we are able to inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the vagina and clitoris in a quick 60-minute office procedure. PRP releases growth factors that activates stem cell production in the area of injection to rejuvenate tissues and nerve cells. There are limited contraindications since the PRP comes from your body. Some women may experience benefits immediately, but generally women start to notice a difference in 2-3 months. Most benefits from the shot last 12-18 months. The cost of the procedure is $975. This shot can also be combined with our Forma procedure for more effective vaginal rejuvenation and a discount!

The benefits from the Oh my! Shot can include:

  • Increase the ability to orgasm
  • Increase sensation
  • Increase arousal
  • Make orgasms longer and more satisfying
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Improve urinary incontinence
  • Decrease pain for those experiencing painful sex

What’s the process like?

We start with a simple blood draw from the arm. The blood is then processed to obtain the PRP while the numbing cream is applied. Once you are fully numb, there are two quick injections into the vagina and clitoris.


Does the Oh my! Shot hurt?

Most women report the shots are painless. We use a gentle cream-based topical numbing agent before the procedure and can use injectable numbing agents as well. The injection may feel like a small pinch or a warming sensation.


What side effects can I expect?

You may experience some spotting from the injection sites after you leave the office. Some women report increased sexual response, minor discomfort, redness, swelling, or numbness for the first few days.


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