Luke 19:40 “I tell you,” He replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”


As far as my memory will allow me to look back in time, I have anxiously awaited this time of year. When the leaves begin to change, and the air grows crisp, I am drawn outdoors to be near wild things and experience God’s creation. It pulls at me through all of my senses and is probably best understood by others who can appreciate the smell of a well-spent shotgun hull, the sound of an elk bugling high on a mountain, or the sight of a Labrador retriever delivering bird to hand. I see this same excitement and anticipation passed on to my children as they prepare to leave for Canada in a few days to experience the start of the fall migration. This is a trip I began planning over one year ago for them, as well as two dear friends and their children. They will leave me behind on this adventure as I continue to dedicate time to my growing medical practice. I am by no means bitter because I have rediscovered God’s presence and felt His calling in my work. That is a wonderful thing.

However, I digress. I would be kidding myself to think I will not miss the comradery of old friends around a campfire or the sight of the sunrise over the prairie creating so many colors that a picture sent home to my wife simply can’t do it justice. It is in such places that the stones cry out to me the glory of Christ Jesus. In the verse above from Luke, Jesus is riding in to Jerusalem and the people are shouting joyfully and praising God. The Pharisees want him to rebuke the crowd, but Christ makes it clear that even if all the people are quiet, God’s glory will still abound. Jesus knew his ultimate purpose was to establish God’s eternal kingdom. Through his death and resurrection, salvation is offered to all people.

You don’t have to be a sportsman to enjoy God’s creation. Get outside, hike a nature trail, ride a mountain bike, swim in the ocean. It will do your physical health some good. I also find that stress relief is easy to find the farther one gets from man-made things. I once read “that God does not deduct from a man’s allotted span the number of hours spent fly-fishing”. Spend some time around a trout stream in Montana and you will better understand the author’s opinion. I encourage any of you with children to take them someplace in the next year where you have no cell phone service (or better still – leave the phone at home). You will find it refreshing to see them look you in the eye and engage you in conversation. Cherish this time with them. Finally, when you find your quiet and serene place, seek the Creator. I guarantee you will find Him there. Read Genesis 1:1.

Dr. B

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