Sexual Health

Many women complain of low libido.  They feel like the “spice” is gone from their sex life.  They are frustrated because they are “never in the mood”, and/or their relationship is suffering because of their disinterest in sex.

Many factors such as hormonal changes, stress, pressure at work or from family, and lack of body satisfaction can all contribute to a decrease in the frequency and quality of sexual relations with your partner.  We encourage all patients to share with our provider any and all concerns related to sex.  He can determine the best course of treatment by carefully considering stress management techniques, communication with your partner, regular exercise, medication, and relationship therapy.

In addition, our team uses hormonal testing and Bioidentical Hormone Optimization as another method to ensure that each woman’s sexual problems are treated effectively.  You do not have to give up a normal healthy sex life as you age! Most women will also be interested in VOTIVA which offers a simple, painless office procedure to improve feminine health and wellness. (Please see our Aesthetic section of Focused Women’s Health for details)