Psalm 127:5 Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them…


The Bible, God’s Holy Word, teaches us that children are a reward from the Lord. Like most parents, I am always so proud of my children’s accomplishments. We all like to boast about these accolades – such as last spring when Trace, at the age of 15, completed the Grand Slam of turkey hunting. How about Wednesday evening when his brother Ray, had two hits and knocked in three runs to help his baseball team win a big game. Let’s be honest, I feel certain that I am not the only parent guilty of such bragging. I have found that these boasts tell a lot about where and how we spend our time. My boys and I have traveled all over the country on various outdoor adventures. Likewise, we have spent many evenings watching and playing baseball.

This brings about a question: how much time do we spend teaching these “rewards” from the Lord about the giver Himself. Do we give an hour or two on the occasional Sunday morning? Perhaps a few minutes each day while blessing the family meal or reading a devotion? How do these moments compare with the time spent at work, athletic events, school functions, or socializing? Make no mistake, Jesus Christ wants to be an integral part of every minute of our lives. We must make time for Him.

I would like to brag about my 16 year-old twin boys one last time. On Sunday June 10th, they are going to leave behind a busy baseball schedule and the active social life that comes with the end of a school year, and head to an orphanage in Colombia, South America. They will be traveling with a group of Christians in hopes of bringing good health, good fun, and the Good News of Jesus Christ to an oppressed people. It is, after all what we are commanded to do. (Read Matthew 28:18-20). Lori and I will no doubt worry about our two young men, but we are so proud of their commitment. We will be praying for safety of the entire team and success of the mission. We ask that you will make time this week to pray as well.

Dr. B

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