“When I was broken, you were my healing …” Glorious Day song lyrics


In my 24 years as a physician, I have not seen anything stress the medical community as severely as Covid-19.  My wife and I are thankful that our family, the staff at Trinity Ob/Gyn, and as far as we know – our patients have remained healthy through this difficult time.  We also have to admit we feel blessed by the extra time spent with our children whose lives are normally occupied by school, athletics, and friends.  My four teenagers have been an army against chores like cleaning the house, planting the garden, tending flower beds, and spreading pine needles.  I realized I might have over-extended my workforce when one of my sons led our family devotion from Exodus chapter 20 late one evening.  He focused on verse 9 stating how 6 days you should labor, but that everyone should rest on the seventh (or Sabbath).  Of course, when it was my turn to lead the devotion, we immediately turned to Proverbs 23:13 that speaks of not withholding discipline from a child. While this is humorous, please understand I am not making light of the scriptures.  I believe every word of the Bible is God inspired and worthy of our attention. One night during the early stages of this global pandemic the Lord turned my focus to Psalm 91 (read it now). The theme is God’s protection in the midst of danger.  This Psalm teaches that God doesn’t promise a world free from trouble, but He does remain with us when we face danger.  It helped me trade fear and worry for faith in Him as my protector.  Please listen to all the words of the song Glorious Day mentioned above.  Understand that whether your brokenness involves health, family, work, or some other life stressor – the answer is Jesus. Dr. B

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