“Who touched me?” Luke 8:45


If you ask any of my children to tell you their dad’s favorite book of the Bible, they will quickly respond with the Gospel of Luke.  I suppose it is because the author was also a physician by trade and a stickler for detail.

Luke describes the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak as having bleeding for 12 years and that no one could heal her.  Certainly, many of my patients can identify with this woman’s illness.  Fortunately, today we have numerous therapies, medical and surgical, to treat abnormal uterine bleeding.  This lady however was not so fortunate and in fact, was possibly considered unclean or even outcast from society.

When Jesus posed this question, he already knew who had touched him. Even though he was surrounded by a large crowd of people who were pressing against him, hoping to see him perform a miracle. He was on his way to the house of a prominent official, Jairus, a synagogue leader.  He wanted this oppressed lady to step forward so that he could interact with her and show that no individual should be overlooked.  He also wanted to teach a lesson that is the focus of many of his miracles – FAITH. (Read Luke 8:48)

At Trinity Ob/Gyn, we hope you will find healing, and when you leave our office, you will go in peace.

Dr. B

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