Ecclesiastes 5:19 “…to accept his lot and be happy in his work- this is a gift of God.”


There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down at the dinner table with my wife and being surrounded by our four wonderful children.  Through 26 years of marriage, Lori and I have always made family a priority.  Supper, as we call it in the South, is a time to catch up on each other’s day.  We laugh together, share successes and failures, solve each other’s problems, reminisce about days gone by, and pray for each other.  To say the least, it was incredible having all four kids at home this past summer.  As per the norm and without complaint, Lori prepared enormous meals for them and often included numerous friends.

My two oldest boys are back at college now.  Trace to the deep south enjoying Mississippi State University.  Ray is back in Bozeman at Montana State where, to steal a thought from Mark Twain, he “attempts not to let his schooling get in the way of his outdoor education”.  Lori and I are happy to have our two youngest at home as they begin their Senior year of high school.  Sadly, we are faced with the fact that in eleven short months they may be leaving for wonderful, yet far-away places as well.  Therefore, it came as no surprise that at one of our family meals this summer, my children called me out on something.  We will return to that discussion in a moment…

Ironically, at this same dinner table, Trinity Ob/Gyn was created in January 2018.  Our family made a unanimous decision at the end of 2017 for me to turn in my resignation letter to a large health care system instead of signing a contract that was unfair and one-sided.  What a blessing that decision has been!!! Trinity has afforded me more time to spend with my clients, the ability to offer unmatched healthcare services, and the opportunity to individualize patient care.  It has allowed me to hire a staff that believes in the importance of great service and attention to detail.  Most importantly, it has allowed all of us at Trinity the chance to put Christ first in our work.

This brings us back to what my children called me out over.  Lori and I have always taught them the value and importance of hard work.  Nonetheless, we have also taught them the correct order of things is Christ, family, then work/ education.  I am proud to say that my Lord has kept His correct position in my personal and professional life.  However, for the past 3 ½ years, I have had the last two out of order for myself, and probably at times even for my staff.  It is an eye-opener for a man when his four children tell him it is time to start making family a priority again.

So, the answer is yes.  The rumor circulating through our community is true.  At the conclusion of February 2022, I plan to stop delivering babies.  After 25 years and over 5,000 deliveries, this was a difficult decision.  When I started Trinity Ob/Gyn my friend and brother in Christ, Dr. Bob Hammonds, informed me that my individual office would provide me my most enjoyable years of medical practice.  He was absolutely correct.  When the book closes on February, I will have been available to my obstetric patients day and night for four straight years.  This is a feat that could only be accomplished with the Lord’s help, but now He has informed me “enough is enough”.  I have already shared with 15 wonderful ladies that their due date falls just a little too late.  While they have all been saddened by our news, each one has understood and supported my decision to spend more time with my family.  For that, I am truly thankful.

Please be aware that Trinity will still be accepting pregnancy confirmation visits.  When you get the joyous news of “two pink lines”, contact our office and as always, we will make you an appointment in a timely manner.  My caring staff and I will assist you through the early and critical stage of your pregnancy.  Once we are certain all is well, I can easily assist with a transition to the obstetric care team of your choosing.  Trinity remains committed to being a leader in women’s health and gynecologic needs.  We will also continue our Focused Women’s Healthcare services that so many of you appreciate.  We have plans to expand these offerings in the near future.

In closure, thanks to all our patients for making our business a success.  As the wise Solomon states in Ecclesiastes above, I hope you can all find true happiness in whatever your work may be.  I encourage you to read this entire book as it is filled with advice that can give your life direction and purpose.  Pay special attention to his final statements in Chapter 12, v.13 “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”

Dr. B

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