But God demonstrates his own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8

Dr. Beaver and his staff will give every patient their full attention and the best care possible, without any bias. While he will never force his beliefs on anyone, Dr. Beaver believes that your spiritual faith should be cultivated and family made a priority. A peaceful soul is important to a healthy body.

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Beaver has seen prayer work for his patients – those facing surgery, terminal illness, addictions, or in need of comfort from a devastating loss. He will pray for you, and if asked, he will pray with you.

There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down at the dinner table with my wife and being surrounded by our four wonderful children.  Through 26 years of marriage, Lori and I have always made family a priority.  Supper, as we call it in the South, is a time to catch up on each […]

Most who know me well could tell you that I have little use for social media.  My children would add that I have even less knowledge about how to use it.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I don’t understand the concept of “cancel culture”.  I assume it has something to do with […]

A dear friend of mine warned me that it would be more difficult than I thought. It was late July and he was referencing my preparation for my two eldest sons to leave for college. I knew immediately that his words were true because he is a man of good character and he had shared […]

In my 24 years as a physician, I have not seen anything stress the medical community as severely as Covid-19.  My wife and I are thankful that our family, the staff at Trinity Ob/Gyn, and as far as we know – our patients have remained healthy through this difficult time.  We also have to admit […]

I am aware that not everyone can be a connoisseur of the finer things in life such as country music.  There is a song, that like me has gotten much older now, in which the singer refers to his father as having “…dirty hands and a clean soul.” I have always told my children it […]

My wife and I are blessed to have four wonderful children.  They are all teenagers now and we constantly try to teach them important life lessons that will assist them in the future.  This time of year, these young adults of mine are certainly growing weary of hearing me preach against the materialism of Christmas.  […]

A few friends and I have gotten into the habit of meeting occasionally for breakfast at a local diner.  We talk about the usual old-man things such as sports, family, politics, and the weather.  Recently, over one of these meals, I shared with my friends some concerns I was having over raising four teenagers in […]

Not that long ago I had the pleasure of delivering a beautiful baby for a sweet lady that had a message written on her socks.  It read quite simply “Stay calm and push”.  Good advice at that particular time to say the least. When one searches the definition of calm it returns such phrases as […]

I am writing this “At the Cross” edition on Sunday evening June 30, 2019.  It was refreshing to be in church today after a long week at the office and a weekend spent mostly at the hospital delivering babies.  Patriotism was evident during the service as we approach the celebration of our nation’s independence.  I […]

It was great be in church this past Sunday. I believe corporate worship is important for many reasons. As Christians we are called to comfort one another and witness to non-believers. I was glad to see so many people appreciate the true meaning of the Memorial Holiday. We took time to remember those who made […]

Palm Sunday is approaching.  Christians celebrate this day as a reminder of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a young colt as the crowds waved palm branches and threw down their cloaks in front of him.  They shouted praises to God for sending them a King.  My favorite depiction is found in Luke Chapter 19 because […]

I am almost ashamed at how much time has passed since my last addition to At the Cross.  In fact, I started a great idea in December but before I could complete the article, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Suddenly, family and the holidays consumed my spare time. In January, another thought process […]

What a great time of year this is.  I do enjoy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone found something to be thankful for during the past holiday weekend.  For me, it was certainly time spent with family, especially my wonderful wife and four children.  However, it often seems we are concerned about the things we don’t have […]

Recently a friend that I had not spoken with in a while sent me a text.  It read that he had just driven by my office and took a moment to pray for me.  He knew that my practice had become quite busy and his prayer was that God would give me strength to manage […]

As far as my memory will allow me to look back in time, I have anxiously awaited this time of year. When the leaves begin to change, and the air grows crisp, I am drawn outdoors to be near wild things and experience God’s creation. It pulls at me through all of my senses and […]

It has been a while since my last addition to “At the Cross”.  As my practice continues to grow, I find that I must be more deliberate in my efforts to spend time reading God’s Holy Word.  This is important for many reasons, but one is that I realize scripture is a way that God […]

About 18 years ago, I called the physician recruiting department of a small, community hospital in Concord, NC.  I was blessed to speak with a wonderful lady (who shall remain nameless as she is now a close family friend) and she was instrumental in recruiting me and numerous other physicians to this area.  That team […]

When I last wrote, my boys were heading to an orphanage in Colombia, South America.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for their safe returns and success of their mission.  They have returned safely and with a new perspective on the difference between “good stuff” and “important stuff”.  They are back spending time with friends, playing […]

The Bible, God’s Holy Word, teaches us that children are a reward from the Lord. Like most parents, I am always so proud of my children’s accomplishments. We all like to boast about these accolades – such as last spring when Trace, at the age of 15, completed the Grand Slam of turkey hunting. How […]

I was driving home today, frustrated by a number of things, and Chris Tomlin’s version of “Amazing Grace” came on the radio. Tomlin’s music is great for stress relief (try it if you haven’t) but it was the words above that really caught my attention. I was reminded that I have been given salvation that […]

At Trinity Ob/Gyn we celebrate mothers every day.  They seem to go about their lives tirelessly, always putting others first.  We appreciate their hard work and the trust they put in us to care for them and their families. The first chapter of Luke’s Gospel gives us two examples of great mothers, known for their […]

It was recently brought to my attention by pastor Aaron Edwards that this Thursday, May 3rd, is National Day of Prayer. First Baptist Church of Concord is opening its doors on this day from 12 – 1pm for anyone who would like to gather in “unity” and pray for our nation. As mentioned before, I […]

It doesn’t happen often, but someone amazed me today.  She discovered from a friend that a gentleman was in need of a life-saving kidney transplant.  Sadly, none of his close friends or family were compatible to donate the organ.  Upon learning this, she said something just “nudged her” to get tested.  She was almost a […]

If you ask any of my children to tell you their dad’s favorite book of the Bible, they will quickly respond with the Gospel of Luke.  I suppose it is because the author was also a physician by trade and a stickler for detail. Luke describes the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak as having bleeding […]

On a recent Sunday morning I had been debating how I might give something back to Jesus Christ for all he has done for me. Since January 1, 2018, I had been totally committed to my new medical practice and the physical work and mental strain at times had seemed overwhelming. I have made it […]