2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you…”


I am writing this “At the Cross” edition on Sunday evening June 30, 2019.  It was refreshing to be in church today after a long week at the office and a weekend spent mostly at the hospital delivering babies.  Patriotism was evident during the service as we approach the celebration of our nation’s independence.  I am someone who truly believes our country does well to stay with the motto “In God We Trust”.  Like many at the service, I was thankful for my freedoms today.  The freedom to start my own business, worship as I choose, and pray without fear to the one true God. I have mentioned my belief in the power of prayer numerous times before.  It is my hope this week that Christians everywhere will pray for healing in our nation.  Many of our problems arise because we turn our backs on God and have increasing acceptance of things the Bible clearly labels as sin (Read 2 Chronicles 7:14-15). Trinity Ob/Gyn personally experienced the power of prayer this past week.  A pastor friend stopped by my office Friday to pray with my staff and I before our day started.  We could all feel Christ in our presence.  It led to a productive and fantastic day caring for our patients.  My friend shared some sound advice with me stating that two things are guaranteed when you truly try to build something around Jesus Christ.  The first is that you, and those around you will receive blessings.  The second is that you will also receive attacks from those opposed to your goodness.  I realize that both points have been true for my practice.  When the attacks come, remember that God never promised that each day would be perfect.  He did promise that His grace is sufficient in all circumstances.  The amazing thing about our God is that His grace is also sufficient for those who attack us.  As difficult as it may be, pray for those people as well.  Pray that they will discover the peace that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can bring.  It can only make our country a better place. Dr. B

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