Mark 4:39 “… and it was completely calm.”


Not that long ago I had the pleasure of delivering a beautiful baby for a sweet lady that had a message written on her socks.  It read quite simply “Stay calm and push”.  Good advice at that particular time to say the least. When one searches the definition of calm it returns such phrases as “having control of your emotions” and “not showing feelings of nervousness or anger”.  Synonyms include the terms tranquil, quiet, serene, and peaceful.  Therefore, it is no wonder that I consider it a great compliment when my patients tell me they are impressed by how calm I remain through their entire baby delivering process.  This is especially true when an emergent situation arises that requires decisiveness, skill, and experience. In the passage from Mark above, the disciples find themselves in a true emergency.  They are in a boat attempting to cross the Sea of Galilee at the request of Jesus.  They are rowing against a storm with winds strong enough that waves are breaking over the sides of their vessel.  Still today this large body of water is known for fierce storms that can arise quickly with waves recorded as high as 20 feet.  Remember, many of the disciples were experienced watermen and they sensed the extent of their peril.  These men realize they are at the mercy of the storm and their personal skills cannot save them.  In fear, they turn to Jesus.  This miracle is also recorded in the books of Matthew and Luke.  All three authors record that Jesus was resting peacefully during the storm and when the disciples turn to Him for help, they actually had to wake him up.  All three Gospels also make it clear that after Jesus speaks and rebukes the storm, the wind and waves subside and everything was completely calm. I chose Mark’s version as the lead verse for this addition to At the Cross because of the words Jesus uses to calm the storm, (v. 39) He (Jesus) got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!”  This ability of our Savior was foretold hundreds of years earlier.  (Read Psalm 89 with special attention to verse 9).  Jesus’ words also remind me personally of a bible verse I find myself turning to quite often.  Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”. We all have storms in our lives that neither skill nor experience can overcome.  They arise in the areas of health, work, addiction, financials, and relationships.  I encourage you to give your personal storm to God who is sovereign.  He who controls the wind and waves can calm what troubles your heart. Dr. B

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